Chilli Flakes

Our Chillies in Flake Form

Chillies in dried flake form. Grown, dried and ground by us in Kent.
Chipotles are an alltime chilli classic and are traditionally smoked, ripe Jalapenos. These are our mildest flakes with a subtle smoke that’s just right. The Cayenne flakes we produce are unsmoked with a medium heat and are great if you’d like something just a little hotter.
Our smoked Habanero flakes are our hottest in flake form. A slightly different smoke to our Chipotle offering but of course they’re way hotter. Habanero heat isn’t for everyone but naturally they go a long way. You won’t want to use too much!

Flakes can be added to just about anything.
Try our flakes on cheese on toast or meat whilst on the BBQ. The choice is yours.

Our Chilli Flakes