Dried Chillies

Grown and Dried By US

Although fresh chillies will keep fresh in the fridge and even longer in the freezer there is nothing like dried chillies. Chillies take on different flavours when dried and in the case of some Mexican varieties, a different name too. Those flavour can provide hints of smoke, tobacco or raison when the fresh chilli has a totally different flavour.

When it comes to growing chillies, there are a few badges of honour to be earnt. Chief of these is saving seed from the chillies you’ve grown one year and sowing them the following season. Here at Kent Chilli Farm that all takes on a great significance when we dry the chillies we’ve grown from our own seed. Hearing customers say that they love the dried chillies makes all that hard work worthwhile.

Some chillies dry quite easily, some take a little more time and perseverance.
Our range is forever changing. It not only makes it interesting for you but for us too.

Our products are unique. You generally won’t find the same varieties elsewhere.

Our chillies are supplied in resealable packs that should keep your chillies I good condition. Although your chillies have a best before date, if they are kept out of direct sunlight and away from sources of moisture like the boiling kettle, they should last indefinitely.

Our Dried Chillies