Fresh Chillies

Our Chillies Grown Here in Kent

It’s always a dilemma for us. What to grow. We always try to keep it current, growing slightly different varieties that we’ve not grown before. Having said that, we’ve got our favourites. We always grow Aji Limon, Ring of Fire and a selection of Habaneros. These varieties have great flavour, decent heat and above all they’re productive plants,

Although we have, at times imported seed and swapped seed with fellow growers, the majority of the plants we grow are grown from our own saved seed, sown by us.
Harvesting is done from June onwards by us with our trusted team of pickers. Fruit is either packaged for dispatch, collected for the production of our products at our Erith site or prepared for smoking and drying.

It gives us a thrill to complete the cycle. From saving our own seed to harvesting and packaging our own fruit.

Of all the chillies we grow, by far the most popular varieties are Serenade, Cherry Bomb, Aji Limon and Ring of Fire. Sure, some of the more dangerously hot pods are popular but they’re just not for everyone.

Our chillies are picked to order when available.
If products show as out of stock this is generally because we are waiting for more to ripen.

All grown without pesticides or artificial fertilsers.

Our Chillies