Ground Chilli

Powder & Flakes

For convenience, our powder and flakes are the best option when time is at a premium and superb  food is the order of the day.
Try a little powder with a dash of water or vegetable oil to create a quick paste that can be spread over food at the last minute. Alternatively a
few flakes either on some barbeque meat or sprinkled in right at the end can add some real pizzazz to a recipe.

Our Chilli Powder & Flakes

Be careful, a slight gust of wind or a spillage in a confined place can play havoc with the senses. Many a time, we’ve been packing our powders and flakes and ended up sneezing for England. A small disposable paper mask is worthwhile if some serious preparation is required.

We recommend glove, glass and a mask. But maybe that’s just us being a little too careful!

If you’ve grown your own fruit and managed to dry it too, you’re not too far away from proudly owning your own batch of powder. Try using a coffee grinder or even your food processor, just make sure the chillies are completely dry first.

We wear all manner of protection when producing our products. Gloves, hats, goggles, masks, aprons and the rest. That powder can get everywhere and in some rather awkward places too!