Our New Website

Our New Website

After our old website got a little bit messy and out of control we took the decision at the end of last year to take it off-line and try to create something more dynamic and above all something that would be easier and cheaper to maintain. I’ve a bit of experience with technology having worked in graphic design for years and keeping various old computers going so my first thought was…How hard can it be?!

The thing is, I’ve never built a website and been able to configure some sort of payment gateway. I’m used to using my imagination or just drawing something on paper but in truth, my ability to use technology is the limitation. It’s been a very steep but rewarding learning curve.

If you’re someone like me who has a love of everything chilli and wants to find some information about the farm the wait is over. You might just want to learn more about chillies or simply order something. Either way, thanks for your patience.
We’re almost there now even if my eyes are a bit dark around the edges. It’s meant some late nights and some short finger nails but we’re here. Who said running business was easy?!

Our next job is to put more of our products on the shop pages which means photos and more typing. More of our articles that appeared on our Knowledge page on our old website as well as some new ones.

If you spot any spelling mistakes or broken links please let us know. Let us know what you think. Try to cut me a bit of slack, I’m no coder!
Thanks for your support.