Chilli Plants

Chilli Plants Grown in Kent

Horticulturalists around the world have their favourite species and varieties. Here at Kent Chilli Farm, we’re no different. Our favourites are productive plants, producing lots of good looking, uniform flavoursome fruit of reasonably high heat levels that are above all fairly east to look after. We like to grow a wide variety of plants to give you the best choice and also to make it interesting for us. Fingers crossed there’s something here for you.

With our range of plants and the advice within this site we’ll be able to help you select the right variety for your needs. For each variety we’ll give you an idea of how tall the plant might grow, in what band of heat the fruit will to be in, how difficult they are to look after and what the fruit will look like.
Before you think about purchasing plants it’s worth checking ‘The Guide’ to find out some handy hints on caring for your plant now and later on in the year when flowers and fruit are just around the corner..

We’ve always enjoyed producing chilli plants. It’s how we started way back in the day.

All of our plants are in one litre square plant pots. Any purchased on this website must be collected from our Erith site.  Plants are also available at the shows we attend.

Our Plants