Made By Us With Our Own Chillies

An ever increasing range of preserves made here at Kent Chilli Farm with the chillies we’ve grown ourselves.
From our ever popular Chilli Marmalade that’s great on BBQ chicken, home cooked gammon or just on French bread to Nanny Pam’s Chilli Jam, our sweet and smoky pepper relish that is perfect for every occasion. How about with cheese or even on fresh salmon steaks. Try our Little Devil Chutney. The perfect accompaniment for burgers, cheese, cold meats or just a little on the side of your plate next to the salad.

We make our products by hand in Erith, Kent the same as we’ve always done, with plenty of TLC and no artificial preservatives.
Once opened keep your jar in the fridge to ensure the freshness and great flavours are maintained.

Some of our customers have got in touch and told us how they are using our products.
We learnt our Chilli Marmalade is the filling in sponge cakes, our Nanny Pam’s Chilli Jam is on garlic bread and our Little Devil Chutney is added to curries. Let us know how you’ve been using them!

We have our own recipes and often create new products using chilli varieties we are trial growing. Occasionally we’ll produce refined versions of existing products all the while striving to offer our customers the best products.

If you’ve purchased seeds from us or even a plant, why not try your hand at producing your own products. We’d love to find out how our products compare to your own creation.

Our Preserves