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The world is full of Habaneros. Just when we think we’ve seen every Habanero variety, another one drops by!

We’ve been growing Bombardier for around seven years and have had some fantastic harvests. Not every Habanero is a good producer. some plants can be good at producing tasty or very hot chillies but not every plants can manage the lot.
Bombardier gets close. Originally sourced from Africa these chillies have provided us with dried, smoked and been the source of our ground Habanero flakes.

These pods pack a good punch. Expect over 240,000 SHU and a rich, juicy, pungent Habanero flavour that’s a good choice for making sauces.
Grown from our own seed. In a good sized pot, expect plants to be grow as tall as a metre with a wealth of fruit.

Again, like all Capsicum Chinense plants, they are slow growing earlier in the year but as temperatures rise, they start to put on some size. Expect to see flowers as early as late July that then give way to green fruit that matures to a dark red. Fruit can be picked at any time, and sometimes be slow to mature. Believe us when we say….It’s worth the wait!

When these plants are laden with fruit, they’ll need a stick for a little support.


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