Cayenne Chilli Flakes

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25 grams of Cayenne flakes in a handy resealable pouch. Be careful, for some this product will be hot and spicy. Keep away from children

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Ask people to name all the chilli varieties they know and the chances are they’ll mention the word..Cayenne. Named after the capital city of French Guiana, there’s lots to like about the humble Cayenne chili. Heat that’s hot enough for almost everyone, nice flavours that never fail to disappoint and well documented health benefits.
There are lots of Cayenne varieties with the original word now used as a descriptive word for the syle of chilli. Our blend of our dried Cayeenes offer a unique take on the theme. Used by other food producers, you won’t be disappointed.

Expect Scoville heat unit of between 30,000 and 50,000 and a flavour that has a smoky note.
In a convenient 25 gram resealable pouch, this chilli product should be all you need.

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