Chipotle Chilli Flakes

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25 grams of coarse ground Chipotle chilli flakes in a handy resealable pouch. No need to kee away from children. When it comes to spice, these have some heat but they’re not too hot

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Some chillies can be smoked and tasty without being very hot. Just like in life…it’s all about balance. Lots of interesting flavour and enough heat for everyone to enjoy. This is a classic Mexicican chilli. When we’re talking about Mexician chillies things sometimes get confusing. Chillies are often given a different name according to whether they’re fresh, dried or smoked. It can get amusing! We often get asked for Chipotle or Ancho plants.
In this case the fresh chillli is a Jalapeno but the smoke dried version is a Chipotle. They’re medium sized chillies that have some heat with lovely flavour. Ask people to name all the chilli varieties they know and they might remember the one they ate with their Nachos at the Mexican restaurant.
There are quite a few Jalapeno variants. Our blend of our smoke dried Jalapenos offer a unique take on the theme. Used by other food producers, you won’t be disappointed. Grown, smoked, dried and ground by us.

Expect Scoville heat unit of between 1000 and 4,000 coupled with a lovely flavour.
In a convenient 25 gram resealable pouch, this chilli product suit everyone.

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