Chocolate Habanero

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Chocolate chillies! Whatever next! The fruit from these plants gets plenty of interest at food and drink festivals in the Autumn. With most people used to seeing regulation green and red fruit, these are something out of the ordinary.

Sometimes referred to as Congo Black they’re something to behold. These pods are beautiful looking chillies that pack a real punch. With Scoville heat levels north of 300,000 SHU they’ve enough heat for everyone and a delicious smokey Habanero flavour to match.

Grown from our own seed. In a good sized pot, expect plants to be more than 2 feet tall with a wealth of fruit that will take any dish to another dimension. We added these to Chilli Con Carne before and had some amazing results. They’ve become one of our ‘go-to’ chillies.

Like all Capsicum Chinense plants, they are slow growing earlier in the year but as temperatures rise, they start to put on some size. Expect to see flowers as early as late July that then give way to green fruit that matures to a rich chocolate brown. Fruit can be picked at any time, either green or brown but with that colour surely it’s better to wait!

Later in the year, these plants will need a little support.


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