Paper Lantern

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An early and productive Habanero that at around 250,000 SHU is hot enough for most people. Lime green fruit ripens to scarlet red and produces a specacular display throughout the summer. Seeds are one of the easiest Habaneros to germinate.

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Most of the time, growing chilli plants from seed is easy. Seeds can germinate in around a week and soil temperatures don’t even need to be that high.
These easy to germinate varieties are great to begin with but as time goes by, they’ll want to try your hand at growing a different species and something a bit higher up the Scoville scale.

One of the five main species is Capsicum Chinense. These are the Habaneroes and the Scotch Bonnets.
Germination of these seeds can at times be tricky. Longer germination times and higher tempertures are required too.

Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce…The Paper Lantern Habanero. One of the easiest Habaneroes to germinate and among all the Chinense varieties we grow, the first to produce fruit.

  • Around 250,00 – 350,000 SHU means the fruit is very hot. Not as serious as the super hots which could be a good thing.
  • Lots of fruit that at around 5 – 7 cm long is a good size.
  • Quite easy to dry. Nice for creating recipes with a potent kick.
  • Quick to germinate and a good choice for the adventurous grower.

Paper Lantern is an apt name. Fruit is elongated and lantern shaped. Fruit starts off lime green and then ripens through orange to a rich scarlet red.
Depending on the choice of container, pot grown Paper Lantern plants can reach to more than 2 feet tall and even larger when grown in the ground.

Get ready for lots of fruit that’ll test your heat tollerance!

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Dimensions 7 × 0.15 × 12 cm

Seeds packed in glassine bags, Foiled packed


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