Pasilla Chilli Powder

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Somewhere between flakes and Powder. 25 grams of coarse ground Pasilla powder in a handy resealable pouch. No need to keep away from children. When it comes to spice, this is a good place to start

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Not ever chillli has to blow everyones socks off. Someties it’s about a balance. Lots of interesting flavour and enough heat for everyone to enjoy. We’re talking mild here. This is a chilli originally from Mexico. When we’re talking about Mexician chillies things can get a little confusing. Chillies are often given a different name according to whether they’re fresh, dried or smoked. It can get amusing! We often get asked for Chipotle or Ancho plants.
In this case the fresh chillli is a Chilaca but the dried version is a Pasilla. They’re big chillies that are mild with lots of flavour. Ask people to name all the chilli varieties they know and the chances are they’ll not mention these guys. Heat that’s on the mild side with lovely flavours that won’t disappoint.

Expect Scoville heat unit of between 500 and 1,000 coupled with a lovely flavour.
In a convenient 25 gram resealable pouch, this chilli product suit everyone.

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