Smoked Habanero Chilli Flakes

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20 grams of our Smoked Habanero Chilli Flakes in a handy resealable pouch. Be careful, this product will be very hot and spicy. Keep away from children

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Who’s never heard of the Habanero chilli?! Just like Scotch Bonnets, they’re from the Capsicum Chinense family and have a fiery reputation. Although there are some milder Chinense varieties, you can in generally bank on the fact that there’ll be plenty of favour and more than enough heat. These are our own chillies, grown from seed and then smoked, dried and ground by us. You can’t get any better than that!


Expect Scoville heat unit of between 220,000 and 320,000, bags of flavour and a subtle, smoky note.
In a convenient 20 gram resealable pouch, this chilli product should be all you need.

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