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Thai Dragon

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A productive plant baring slender, 8 cm pointed, hot chillies that mature from green to bright red. An easy variety to grow and a productive varity that’ll churn out fruit all seaon long. Plants show good tolerance to cool weather and will continue to fruit outside well into the autumn, and even longer under glass. Good for drying.

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We’re often asked what varieties people should grow. It’s such a difficult question.
We all have different growing spaces and differing heat tollerances and when you couple that with what the plant looks like and how easy it is to grow, our answer to this question could be different every time.
Thai Dragon is a Capsicum Annuum variety that cover lots of those bases:

  • With heat measuring as high as 100,000 SHU, they hot enough for most peoples tastes.
  • A great provider. Get ready for lots of fruit that’ll produce right through the season.
  • Easy peasy to dry. A plant that provides chillies by the score isn’t much use if it’s difficult to dry.
  • Quick to germinate and easily grown by the beginner.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a handy someone who’s a dab hand at turning out incredible chillies or if you’re a newbie who just wants to have a go at growing chillies, Thai Dragon is a good choice.

Plants produce 8 cm green chillies that ripen to bright red. Fruit can be eaten when green or red.

Thai Dragon plants are happy being grown in pots where they can reach 45 cm tall and produce as many as 100 chillies. When grown in the ground be prepared to deal with a chilli mountain!
Like every plant, a bigger pot is always better than a smaller one.

These chillies are a blessing. There’s always a stash in our home freezer all ready to drop into dinner at the last minute.

Here at the farm we try and cover most chilli tastes, shapes, colours, heat and sizes. Thai Dragon is a variety we always grow.

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