Zimbabwe Bird

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Originally from Zimbabwe. Our plants from our seeds. There’s plenty of chilli urban myths. Lots of people believe the smaller chillies are hotter than the large ones! This one stems from the fact that when faced with supermarket choices, we’re limited with just a few varieties.
Next time you’re in the fruit and vegetable isles at the supermarket, take a look and you’ll see chunkier pods that are sometimes a Capsicum variety called Serenade. Next to those there will probably be smaller, thinner and hotter chillies often referred to as Birdeye Chillies.
Here the urban myth works. The smaller ones are hotter. You’ll have to beware, this isnt always the case.

The Zimbabwe Bird is a Capsicum Frutescens variety that produces small stubby fruit that ripens from green to red. The fruit from these plants won’t win any awards for being the prettiest or the biggest. They will win the awards for the plant with the smallest chillies, the most fruit and the hottest small chilli award.

Frutescens translates to shubby which is an apt description for this plant. Lots of foilage and lots of fruit on a plant that won’t take up too much space or need too much pruning.

Expect heat levels north of 150,000 SHU. Great for adding to soup and stews.


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