Chilli Sauces

Chilli Sauces from Seed to Bottle

Like many other food businesses, everything starts at home. Way back when Kent Chilli Farm was only a dream, there was only one product. A sauce that would proudly be the only chilli sauce in the fridge and would be presented to the host whenever invited to a BBQ.
It’s only right that we still use that same recipe and call it Original Sauce. A sauce that is equally at home around the BBQ as it is adding a little something to a sandwich.

Diablo is possibly the greatest all rounder. With no added sugar and some pretty serious heat, it can be a superb addition to a pasta dish, great on the side of the plate ready to dip those chips or splashed over the fried eggs and bacon.

Our Afterburner Sauce is currently our hottest sauce. With a cranberry base and a trio of Habaneros it’s possible to sample that beautiful, fruity sweet cranberry flavour before the heat kicks in. Our newest sauce and rapidly becoming our most popular.

If you’ve bought seeds or plants from us and have a glut of fresh chillies. Have a go at making your own sauce. Although there’s plenty of recipes out there on the internet, the bases of most sauces are fairly standard. Feel free to experiment but be warned…It’s a slippery slope!

Our Sauces