Chilli Seeds

Chilli Seeds From the Plain to the Insane

A range of chilli seeds covering most bases. With every chilli variety having its own interesting traits it’s hard to select a variety that fit around your lifestyle or within the heat band for you and perhaps your family too. With our range of seeds and the advice within this site we’ll be able to help you select the right variety for your needs. For each variety we’ll give you an idea of how tall the plant might grow, in what band of heat the fruit will to be in, how difficult the seeds are to germinate the seeds and what the fruit will look like.
Before you think about purchasing seeds and having a go at growing a chilli plant it’s worth checking ‘The Guide’ to find out some handy hints on germination and caring for your plant once it’s more mature.

Every grower has their favourite species and varieties. Here at Kent Chilli Farm, these varieties are productive plants, producing lots of good looking, uniform fruit of reasonably high heat. We like to grow a wide variety of plants to give you the best choice and also to make it interesting for us.

If you’re new to growing plants and germinating seeds it’s worth getting some reasonably cheap items of equipment together to make the job so much easier. You’ll always have these and if you decided to grow more plants in the future, you’ll get lots of use out of them. Recycling is a big part of our ethics policy so take a look at The Guide for a few tips on utilising some recycled equipment that will not only make things a bit easier will also save you a few pennies. What have you got to lose?!

For freshness and security all our seeds are supplied in glassine bags and heat sealed in foil bags. Clear labelling giving further information on your chosen variety.

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